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At Excellence In Dentistry, Dr. Kirk Johnson and our team focus on quality general and cosmetic dentistry with the ultimate goal of helping patients keep their smiles throughout their lifetime. We also offer sedation dentistry as an option for those with anxiety over getting dental work done.


With a warm, inviting fireplace, complimentary refreshments, soothing music and five-star service, our practice is a haven where patients can relax while we create and maintain their fresh, natural, and sparkling smiles. Dr. Johnson and our team are dedicated to continuing education so that we can constantly improve patient care, integrate new technologies and treatments, and bring the best dentistry has to offer to the great people here in Anchorage, Alaska.

We enrich our patients’ lifetime oral health because we don’t take shortcuts or rush through appointments. Dr. Johnson intentionally designed our facility with two private treatment rooms and a private consult room, so each patient can have his full, undivided attention.

Experience Excellence

If you’re new to Excellence In Dentistry, here’s what you can expect. First, Dr. Johnson will meet with you and perform a comprehensive oral evaluation. He’ll learn about and discuss your concerns and goals, and then assist you to develop a unique treatment plan to create your total mouth harmony and a dazzling smile. Dr. Johnson never offers a temporary quick fix, but instead, he finds and corrects the source of problems to alleviate recurrence. Because he provides complete solutions for patients, Dr. Johnson has invested in the training and tools that allow him to accurately diagnose and treat underlying conditions. This includes extensive training in cosmetic dentistry and sedation dentistry. Our patients want and deserve spectacular smiles that last a lifetime, so we deliver.

Expect excellence in cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry and general dentistry in Anchorage. Call us today to schedule your consultation or cleaning. We look forward to giving you the smile you deserve.

Our Mission

To continually pursue Excellence in Dentistry through continuing education,
personal and team growth
and mastery of leading edge technology
To deliver the highest level of care with empathy and understanding
To enrich the lives of our patients and consistently
deliver the best that dentistry has to offer

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