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Surpassing All Dental Services in Comfort and Care

Five star hotels are the epitome of comfort, care and luxury. So kick off your shoes and sit back, while Excellence in Dentistry gives you 5-Star services at our dental practice in Anchorage, Alaska. With a variety of drinks, juices, comfort Tempur-Pedic chairs, dental chair massage, custom music system with headphones, cozy slippers, complimentary N2O and a private “Sedation Suite,” you won’t feel like you are sitting at a dental office. In fact, you will wonder if you have stepped into a 5-star hotel!

At Excellence in Dentistry, we want to set ourselves apart from the rest. When you come to us, we want you to have the best dental experience of your life, unlike anything you have ever had! We pride ourselves in being an “on time office” and do our very best to respect everyone’s time. It is our goal to provide you an experience that is surpassed by none!

Dr. Kendall has gone where no other dentist has gone before. They have truly brought the ‘Excellence’ in Excellence in Dentistry by providing only the best when it comes to a patient’s comfort and care. Come see why we are known as Alaska’s Center for Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry.

Proven Techniques for a Better Dental Experience

Dr. Kendall is the ultimate dental geek. In order to “do it right” and provide only the highest level of care, there are several things that we insist upon every time we provide 5-star service, including:

  • Rubber Dams. This has been the Gold Standard in dentistry for optimal care since 1891. We have a saying in dentistry: “keep it dry or kiss it good bye”. We work hard to go the extra mile so your dental work lasts and is comfortable.
  • Caries Detector. This is a liquid penetrant dye we place on teeth, much like an airplane mechanic puts on metal to help easily see small cracks, that shows clearly where the cavities are and where they are not. Using caries detector allows us to be as conservative as possible, removing only necessary decayed tooth structure (good for you), while also being absolutely certain all the dental disease is completely removed (good for you again).
  • Air Abrasion. This micro sandblaster technology is proven to gently and carefully clean your tooth to provide the ideal surface for optimal bonding. What this means is you get a far superior result; improving the quality and lengthening the life of your restorations.
  • Complimentary Nitrous Oxide. It is important to us for you to be able to completely relax and have a great experience while having dental care in our office. Because of this, we choose to offer this additional comfort option at no additional fee. If you’d like to use nitrous oxide, we want to make sure you have it.
  • Lasers. Dental lasers are at the peak of high-tech dentistry. We were the first dentists in Alaska to use dental lasers and now, over 22 years later, we have 7 different lasers over 4 different wavelengths we use on a daily basis. Not only are they a better treatment option, they are more comfortable, more precise and get better health results than any other technique.
  • Immediate Dentin Seal. Also known as IDS, this dental technique is a method whereby we seal your tooth completely at the first visit when completing veneers, tooth colored onlays and crowns (if needed). This technique provides the most optimal comfort during your care while also achieving optimal strength in the final restoration.
  • TScan. A computerized method for determining what is going on with your bite relationship at its highest level. This is beneficial in treating TMJ problems and also lengthening the life of your dental restorations by making sure they function properly with the entire mouth. Nothing works better.
  • Myotronics K7 and TENS J5: Computer Dental Muscle EKG System and a muscle relaxation device. These are the State-of-the-Art tools for TMJ disorder diagnosis and treatment.
  • Customized and private treatment suites. We assure your time with us is professional and discreet by providing private treatment suites designed to assure a comfortable space where you won’t see or hear the other patients.
  • Digital radiographs and intra-oral cameras. This allows superior diagnosis with 90% less x-ray exposure. Simply stated, this is just better.
  • Air only. It is common knowledge in the dental profession that in order for a dentist to bond a filling or porcelain to teeth, the teeth need to be dry. All dental offices are equipped with a 2-way air AND water syringe that leak water onto the teeth while trying to get them dry. The dentist can’t see nor prevent this from happening with a 2-way syringe. So we found a better way. We were among the first dental practices in Alaska to install an additional “air only” line into all of our treatment suites. This way, we are certain your teeth are optimally dry when we bond, assuring you get the best results possible every time. Overall, this means your dental work will last longer and be more comfortable.
  • The Best Team. Come in and check us out. You’ll see….

So why not come enjoy a little getaway? Give us a call at (907) 349-0022 to reserve some time at Excellence in Dentistry today!