A visit to the dentist causes apprehension in many people, known as dental anxiety, and we strive to create a soothing environment where our patients feel pampered and taken care of. We want to make comfortable dental care the norm, so we offer complimentary nitrous oxide. This way, patient relaxation is free, a part of our way of taking extra good care of you while you are with us. If you have severe dental anxiety, we can discuss other sedation dentistry options, so you can be completely relaxed while we help you attain the “smile of your dreams.”

Anxiety free male patient awaits his hygiene checkup with a dental hygienist. Without him taking control of his anxiety he might be undiagnosed with gum disease or a cavity

Full Service Patient Care

Our 5-star dental service includes luxurious treatment rooms contain:

  • Plush Tempur-Pedic cushions on patient chairs
  • Private treatment rooms just for you
  • Heated neck pillows and blankets
  • Cozy sheepskin slippers
  • iPod Touch for personal entertainment
  • CD/MP3 players with Bose headphones for individual music
  • Flat-screen monitors above the patient light for personal in-treatment DVD viewing
  • Warm, scented face cloths before you leave
  • Air Abrasion “no drill” fillings
  • Painless Laser Diagnosis with Kavo’s DIAGNOdent

Please call (907) 349-0022 or fill out the form above. We aim to help every patient be comfortable while receiving the expert dental care they both need and deserve.