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Bad Breath Can Have a Major Impact on Happiness

We know that bad breath is a nuisance, but for people with chronic bad breath, sometimes called halitosis, the impact can be severe. And now a new study shows just how severe bad breath can be, making people twice as unhappy with their oral health, and impacting their social interactions on a daily basis. Ooh […]

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Fillings

Metal amalgam fillings have been used for over 150 years, and gold fillings were used for centuries before that. But just because they’re common, it doesn’t mean that metal fillings are the optimal solution. In fact, there are many reasons why metal fillings are not the best treatment for cavities, and why you should consider […]

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Benefits of LightScalpel Laser for Oral Surgery

Excellence in Dentistry has long been a pioneer in . We have 7 different lasers at 4 different wavelengths, which gives us great flexibility in the laser procedures we can provide. But the undisputed powerhouse of our lasers is the LightScalpel CO2 laser, which allows us to do oral surgery without the need for a […]

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6 Ways You Can Open Doors with a Smile

isn’t just about your smile, it’s about what you can do with that smile. And one of the things you will do with that smile is open the doors of opportunity. While there’s no guarantee that a smile makeover will do anything more than improve the appearance of your smile, there are some ways that […]

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5 Secrets for Cosmetic Dentistry That Lasts

Are you considering , but are afraid it won’t last? Here’s the good news: cosmetic dentistry procedures have a long lifetime. At a minimum, most cosmetic restorations are expected to last 10 years or more, with many lasting 20+ years, and a few lasting a lifetime. But if you want to get that kind of […]

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What Can Be Done About “Terminal Dentition”?

If terminal dentition sounds a little serious, it’s meant to. It describes a situation where your teeth are in very bad shape and need to be removed and, preferably, replaced. Replacing your teeth with will give you a new, beautiful smile, fully functional teeth, greater comfort, and, overall, a higher quality of life. Why You […]

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Invisalign Helps Adults Straighten Teeth without Bending Their Schedule

Many adults are unhappy with the appearance of crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth. They want orthodontic treatment, but don’t like the thought of spending a year or more in braces. If you are among this group: never fear: there’s a way to get your teeth straightened without wires and brackets. clear plastic aligners are a […]

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Correcting a Gummy Smile Can Improve Your Appearance and Your Prospects

People often think that can only make you look more attractive. While it’s certainly true that cosmetic dentistry will improve the appearance of your smile, your appearance can actually make a big difference in other judgments people make about you and your character. And sometimes those judgments can have very serious consequences in your life. […]

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What You Need to Know about Porcelain Veneers

are the epitome of . They are versatile — capable of correcting almost any cosmetic complaint you have. They are durable — lasting ten years or more in most cases. But most of all, they are attractive — giving you a beautiful smile that looks natural. But porcelain veneers are just a tool, and they […]

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7 steps for a healthy smile

7 Steps For A Healthy Smile In Eagle River

‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’

Benjamin Franklin coined this phrase in the 1730s as advice for fire safety. However, like all timeless quotes, it applies to many more aspects of Wasilla, Palmer, and Southern Alaska life, particularly dental health.

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