Flossing is essential for anyone who wants to have a healthy smile and if you want to floss regularly but are too tired at night, here are five ideas for unique times to floss and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

  • If you’re an early riser, try flossing in the morning right after you brush.
  • Try just after lunch, but before you go back to work.
  • Before or after you exercise. Your oral health is just as important as your physical fitness. Keep some floss in your gym bag and give your teeth and gums some attention along with the rest of your body.
  • During the nightly news.
  • While taking a bath. Any task is more enjoyable if it can be done while relaxing in a warm tub. Light some scented candles, play some soothing music and turn off your cell phone for an at-home spa experience.

While just before bedtime is still the best choice as food particles left on teeth can turn to plaque while you sleep these options can help get the job done!

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