lightscalpel-co2-lasers-logo-retExcellence in Dentistry has long been a pioneer in laser dentistry. We have 7 different lasers at 4 different wavelengths, which gives us great flexibility in the laser procedures we can provide. But the undisputed powerhouse of our lasers is the LightScalpel CO2 laser, which allows us to do oral surgery without the need for a blade.

Some of the procedures that may be performed with LightScalpel include frenectomy (tongue tie or lip tie correction), gum reshaping, gum disease treatment, removal of fibroma, biopsies, and exposure of submerged dental implants.

This makes for a much better experience, and patients enjoy many benefits.

Less Swelling and Discomfort

Because of the way that LightScalpel only affects the surgical area and seals up the treated area, there is less swelling and discomfort related to treatment with LightScalpel, compared to traditional scalpel surgery.

Less Bleeding

It’s impossible to do surgery without some amount of bleeding, but with LightScalpel, the amount is dramatically reduced. Sometimes, you may not even need stitches to close up the surgical area.

Shorter Surgery Time

Bleeding during a procedure can obscure the surgical area. Keeping the dentist’s field of vision clear can be a challenge. This slows down the surgery. But with LightScalpel, the surgical area remains in view, making it easy to get the procedure done more quickly.

More Precise Treatment

A traditional bladed scalpel has length and thickness that limit its movements. It can sometimes be hard to access certain areas, which may require additional cutting. Scalpels are also subject to friction, which means they can catch or slip.

But LightScalpel is very thin, and can access tiny treatment areas and it isn’t affected by surface conditions, so it never catches or slips. This not only makes the treatment more precise, it helps the procedure go more quickly.

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Faster Recovery

By confining trauma to a small area, reducing swelling, and controlling bleeding, LightScalpel makes it easier for your body to recover from surgery. Less anesthesia is required, and many people find that they can return to their normal routine the day of surgery.

Reduced Risk of Infection

Bladed scalpels can cause infection by transporting bacteria from your skin into the wound. But LightScalpel won’t mechanically transport bacteria. In fact, it does the opposite, killing bacteria in the treatment area, reducing the risk of infection related to surgery.

Reduced Risk of Scarring

Studies show that there is less risk of scarring after surgery with a CO2 laser than with a traditional scalpel.

Want to See the Benefits for Yourself?

If you’ve never tried laser surgery, it’s time that you should. Don’t keep relying on primitive approaches when you could enjoy the benefits of the latest advances in dental care.

To learn how the benefits of LightScalpel apply to your procedure, please call (907) 349-0022 today for an appointment with an Anchorage laser dentist at Excellence in Dentistry.