Dental veneers, also known as porcelain veneers, are one of the most versatile and dramatic cosmetic dental procedures available. While procedures such as whitening or dental bonding can only correct one flaw, and usually only to a certain extent, dental veneers are not limited by natural tooth matter, which means that after the procedure your smile will be radically changed.

Regardless of the wonders that dental veneers can provide, there are several rumors out there that often keep patients from speaking with us about the benefits of veneers. If you’ve been considering dental veneers for awhile, but were afraid to do more research, this blog is for you.

4 Myths about Dental Veneers | Anchorage Dentist

Porcelain Veneers Won’t Last Long

Maybe you don’t know much about porcelain, but the little you do know is that it breaks easily. If applied to your teeth, won’t it crack or chip? As it turns out, porcelain is a term describing the shade or color of the material, not the material itself. Dental veneers are made out a medical grade ceramic that can withstand incredible force (nearly 240,000 pounds per square inch for some materials!). When this material is bonded to teeth, it becomes even stronger.

Several studies conducted on dental veneers in the past decade, estimate their lasting power in the upwards of twenty years when properly cared for.

Dental Veneers Are Too Much Work

Many who believe this are in the same camp as those who think the material is “fragile.” The truth is that this material won’t wear with normal brushing and doesn’t require any special tools or attention. The best thing you can do for your dental veneers is simply to take care or your mouth. Brushing and flossing coupled with regular visits to the dentist will ensure they last as long as possible. If you wanted to use a non abrasive toothpaste, it will will help both your regular teeth and your veneers.

You’ll Have to Switch to a Special Diet

Some will have you believe that with dental veneers you’ll be cursed to a life of soft food. No popcorn or candy or potato chips. While it’s true that giving up candy and potato chips would be great for your mouth and your body, eating any sort of restrictive diet is absolutely not necessary.

They’re Easy to Spot

Much like with crowns made in the last five years, dental veneers use a special type of ceramic that mimics the natural gleam of tooth enamel, so they’re virtually undetectable. Chances are the only way someone will know you have veneers is if you let them in on your secret.

If you’re dissatisfied with multiple aspects of your smile, then dental veneers may be your best option. They can correct gaps, stains, chips, and even crooked teeth all at once. And if you’re worried about price, DURAthin veneers are a fantastic solution.

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