For people who don’t have TMJ, it may seem like a minor problem. A sore jaw can’t be that big a problem, right? But the truth is that people with TMJ can face significant difficulties in maintaining a normal life.

But you don’t have to let the challenges of TMJ limit your life. Effective TMJ treatment exists, and you can get relief that will help you live a full life despite your condition.

TMJ Can Limit Your Diet

One of the most direct effects of TMJ is the limits it can put on your diet. Many foods that people eat without a second thought become difficult if not impossible for people with TMJ. And sometimes they’ll regret eating them afterward.

With TMJ, many people have difficulty opening their jaw. This can make it hard to eat anything that you have to bite into. And it limits the size of bites you can take, making eating take much longer than you would like. And since chewing can be difficult, you may be limited in the texture of foods you eat. You may even be limited to a soft diet. So many delicious foods you would be unable to enjoy possibly for the rest of your life.

TMJ Can Limit Your Activities

You might think that you only use your jaw for a few things, but once you develop TMJ you realize just how often those jaw muscles are necessary. Jaw muscles play an important role in stabilizing your head, and they are engaged whenever you’re exerting yourself.

You may feel the pain of TMJ during many kinds of physical activities, such as lifting, running, climbing, biking, or even just walking. Many of the great outdoor activities available around Anchorage will just get to be out of the question.

TMJ Can Limit Your Social Life

But it isn’t just physical activity that can be limited by TMJ. TMJ can make it hard to have an enjoyable social life. The damage TMJ can do to your teeth can leave you with a smile that’s badly worn, unhealthy and unattractive. This can make it hard for you to meet new people, and even seeing old friends can become difficult.

And if you do get together with friends or family, TMJ can make it hard to enjoy the time. Not only are you limited in your eating and your activities, you may not even be able to speak freely. Just a little bit of conversation can cause your TMJ to flare up.

Live Life without Limits

If you have TMJ, you don’t have to let it limit you. Periodic resting is one thing, but having to give up favorite foods, activities, and social time is something else, and something you shouldn’t have to accept.

We offer TMJ treatment that can track down the cause of your condition. Simple, noninvasive drug-free treatments can stop your TMJ and alleviate symptoms. If necessary and if you want, we can also reconstruct your smile if TMJ has damaged it.

Are you tired of being limited by your TMJ? Please call (907) 349-0022 today for an appointment with an Anchorage TMJ dentist at Excellence in Dentistry.