As the expression goes, sometimes things are as difficult as pulling teeth. But with improved surgical procedures, tools, and techniques, extracting damaged teeth doesn’t have to be. Unless it’s your wisdom teeth, tooth extraction is generally considered to be a last resort procedure, but often it can lead to better results than procedures designed to save teeth.

In cases of severe infection, antibiotics or procedures such as root canals may not be successful. To avoid infection spreading to more gum tissue or even different parts of the body, extraction is the best option.

Here are three reasons removing a tooth doesn’t have to be so bad.

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We Can Come Up With A Plan

One of the best ways to ensure that adverse reactions to tooth extraction are minimized is to create a personalized plan for our patients. For example, one of the biggest difficulties of tooth extraction is bone loss. Bone loss occurs when the jaw bone doesn’t receive enough stimulation from the root of the teeth, which can have grave consequences such as weakening surrounding teeth, and changing the shape of your jaw.

To combat this, we can plan for immediate implant placement before the tooth has even been extracted. Because the titanium root of an implant mimics the function of natural teeth, the jaw bone continues to be stimulated, and bone loss and shifting teeth is avoided.

Better Tools

The tools used for extraction in today’s procedures allow for less cutting, less of an effect on the blood supply, and better outcomes. By removing teeth in a more conservative way, this can lower the chance of infection, and better position patients for a speedy recovery.

Facial bone is limited which makes bone and ridge preservation incredibly important to tooth extraction. By using more advanced tool, and also techniques such as using collagen, we are able to preserve as much bone as possible.

Other Strategies

Another strategy used for ridge preservation is a process called “stick bone,” which uses autologous fibrin glue mixed with bone graft. This can significantly improve the procedure for those with bone defects, such as bone loss.

Having a tooth extracted can seem like a scary procedure. With the many changes in technique and tools, however, the procedure has become as safe and easy as ever. And you should know that we offer the most options for having a relaxed dental experience. We offer sedation dentistry, including IV sedation to help you achieve a more deeply sedated state.

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