At Excellence In Dentistry, we are all about success. Dr. Kirk Johnson’s experience, ability, and commitment to dental excellence result in successful outcomes daily for our cosmetic dentistry clients. Each team member at Excellence In Dentistry shares Dr. Johnson’s passion for success.

For many Anchorage dental patients, success is a routine check-up that reveals healthy teeth and no cavities. For our cosmetic dental clients, success is a stunning smile makeover using veneers, teeth whitening and clear braces. For our Anchorage patients with a missing tooth, dental implants are used to successfully restore their smile. It is exciting to see implant recipients smile for the first time after receiving their new tooth implant.

We also enjoy completing successful tooth-straightening procedures for youth and adults. Though these transformations take longer than one-visit smile re-designs, the results are no less incredible. In fact, our Anchorage clear braces patients probably appreciate their straight teeth and beautiful smile more than any of our other patients.

Success sometimes means removing tetracycline stains for a teeth bleaching patient who has been hiding his/her smile for years. Sometimes, success is as simple as helping a nervous patient feel relaxed and comfortable during their visit to our Anchorage sedation dentistry office.

What do you desire for your smile? At Excellence In Dentistry, our success depends on your complete smile satisfaction.

To meet our team and discuss your smile specifics, call Excellence In Dentistry at (907) 349-0022.