If you weren’t born with a smile you absolutely adore, that’s okay. Most people aren’t. That’s where our cosmetic dentists at Excellence in Dentistry come into play. We can help you fall in love with your smile for the first time with help from cosmetic dentistry. We offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments that can help resolve nearly any aspect of your smile you dislike.

Find out how our Anchorage cosmetic dentists can help you fall in love with your smile again.

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Straighten Your Teeth

One of the first ways we can help you fall in love with your smile again is by straightening your teeth. There are a few different methods that can help accomplish a straighter smile. To start, if you only have minor crookedness or gaps, we might be able to mask your teeth with porcelain veneers to help your teeth look straighter. Although this method won’t actually straighten your teeth, it will provide you with an instantly straighter smile. We only recommend this method if you don’t suffer from bite problems or any other issues as a result of your non-straight teeth.

On the flip side, we can also straighten your teeth with Invisalign clear aligners. Although treatment typically takes between six months to two years, your teeth will be completely straight for the rest of your life as long as you wear your retainer. Straighter teeth won’t just help your smile look better, they will also improve your oral health.

With Invisalign, you won’t have to adjust your current life too much. The aligners are removable for eating and brushing and flossing your teeth. They’re also made with thin clear plastic so nobody will even notice you’re wearing them.

If you don’t love your smile because it’s not straight, talk to our Anchorage cosmetic dentists to find out if one of our straightening options is right for you.

Whiten Your Teeth

Another way we can help you fall in love with your smile is by whitening your teeth. Oftentimes, staining and discoloration can distract you from how beautiful your smile actually is. With professional teeth whitening, we can help remove stains and brighten your teeth up to several shades. The whiter your smile looks, the younger your appearance will look, and the more confident you will feel.

Professional teeth whitening is a great option for patients who don’t have restorations and don’t need to fix any other imperfections. Results can last longer than a year with proper care. We also offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening so you can whiten your smile at your convenience. The results are significantly better than what you can buy in a box at the store and you won’t damage your teeth.

If you also want to fix chips, cracks, or the shape of your teeth, we might recommend porcelain veneers instead. Porcelain veneers are thin ceramic shells that go over the front of your teeth. They can give your teeth a new shape, and won’t stain from drinking coffee or wine. You can enjoy your glowing results for up to 25 years before you need to replace your veneers.

Hide Chips and Cracks

Another way we can help you fall in love with your smile is by hiding chips and cracks. These small physical flaws can have a huge impact on the appearance of your smile. They are also some of the easiest problems to fix. Using porcelain veneers, or dental crowns if the damage is significant enough, we can cover up any chips or cracks in your smile.

Make Your Teeth More Symmetrical

If your teeth are different shapes and sizes, it can make your smile look less appealing. With treatments such as porcelain veneers or dental crowns, we can make every tooth in your smile symmetrical to enhance your overall appearance. The more symmetrical your teeth look, the better your smile will look.

Replace Missing Teeth

The last way we can help you fall in love with your smile is by replacing your missing teeth. When you have missing teeth, it can make you feel self-conscious about gaps in your teeth and making eating and speaking difficult. By replacing your missing teeth, we can restore your confidence in your smile and help you regain complete functionality. We offer tooth replacement options like dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges.

Let Our Anchorage Cosmetic Dentists Help You Fall in Love With Your Smile

To finally love your smile, all it takes is setting up a consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists in Anchorage. During the consultation, we will discuss your dislikes and dreams for your smile and create a complete treatment plan. Then, we will provide you with the treatments you need. Once we’re finished, you will absolutely adore your smile! Give us a call at (907) 349-0022 to book an appointment and get started.