If you have had years of dental problems or are embarrassed by your teeth, our caring team at Excellence In Dentistry can help you find the restoration procedure right for you. You could be a candidate for complete or partial dentures or dental implants.

A removable replacement for missing teeth, dentures can be made in advance and positioned as soon as the natural teeth are removed. Our cosmetic dental lab creates dentures that look just like natural teeth: attractive, healthy teeth.

Healthy, Natural Teeth Can Benefit Without Teeth Extracted

Partial dentures fill in the gaps, replacing missing teeth to complete a smile. Partial dentures can prevent natural teeth from moving. Many Anchorage dental practices can complete these procedures in one day.

Another alternative for missing teeth is to receive dental implants. A dental implant is a permanent tooth restoration that is anchored into the jawbone, actually replacing both the root and crown of the tooth. Dental implants have many advantages, such as preventing jaw bone recession which can occur when natural teeth are removed. However, not all Anchorage dentistry patients are good candidates for implants.

Dental Implants Can Anchor A Removable Denture

The denture is ‘snapped on’ or attached to the implants for no-slip confidence. The combination denture/implant smile restoration solution is being used successfully by many Anchorage dentists. It is usually more affordable than dental implant replacements for several natural teeth.

Replacing missing teeth will benefit your appearance and your health, improving your ability to eat and speak. If you are embarrassed to smile or laugh, it’s time to bring back your beautiful smile! Call your dental implant office in Anchorage at (907) 349-0022.