Dentures are one of the most popular tooth replacement options available. Not only can they replace an entire mouth of teeth, but they can give you back your confident smile and the ability to chew your favorite foods. At some point, though, you may require new dentures. Here are 10 signs you need new dentures.

mature woman showing off her new dentures

1. They Slip and Slide

One of the most crucial signs that you need new dentures is if they’re slipping and sliding around in your mouth. Slipping and sliding is a sign that your dentures don’t fit correctly. Over time, your gums will shrink as your jaw bone resorbs. As they shrink, your dentures will become looser and feel too large for your mouth. Then, whenever you eat or talk, your dentures might slip and slide around in your mouth. It can make simple activities like smiling, eating, or talking feel embarrassing.

2. They Feel Uncomfortable or Painful to Wear

Although dentures aren’t the most comfortable tooth replacement option, they shouldn’t cause you any discomfort or pain when you’re wearing them. They may feel sore towards the tail end of the day, but after leaving them out and soaking while you sleep, your mouth should feel fine again when you wake up. If your dentures constantly feel uncomfortable or painful to wear, they’re either cheaply made, or don’t fit right. Either way, you need a new pair of dentures.

3. They’re Damaged

Have you lost a tooth in your dentures? Do they have cracks or chips? If there is any damage to your dentures, you can temporarily repair them, but eventually, you will need a new pair of dentures. The damage will only continue to get worse over time.

4. They Cause Sores On Your Gums

Poorly fitting dentures don’t apply pressure evenly to your gums. As a result, it can cause sores in the areas that receive the most pressure. The sores can make wearing your dentures feel incredibly uncomfortable and painful and even cause you to not want to chew. Your dentures should help you, not cause you pain.

5. Your Dentures Don’t Look Natural

Do your dentures look like dentures? Are they too big for your face? If your dentures don’t look natural, you might not feel very confident smiling or laughing. You should love the appearance of your dentures just as much as you love how they give you back your ability to chew and eat your favorite foods.

6. Chewing is Difficult

Once again, the purpose of dentures is to give you back your ability to chew—along with your confidence. If your dentures make chewing feel difficult, you need a new pair ASAP. Chewing should feel secure and comfortable.

7. They’re Difficult to Clean

As your dentures develop cracks and chips, they will become more difficult to effectively clean. Bacteria will begin to hide in these areas and you can develop oral infections. Improper cleaning of your dentures will continue to affect your oral health until you replace them.

8. They Make You You Look Older

Your teeth can affect your appearance dramatically. When you have dentures that don’t fit correctly or look natural, they can make you look older than your biological age. When you invest in new dentures and especially implant-supported dentures, you can shave years off your appearance. If you think your dentures make you look older, consider replacing them with new dentures or implant-supported dentures.

9. You Have a Speech Impediment

Another common problem that occurs with poorly fitting dentures is speech problems. If they slip and slide around in your mouth, you might start speaking with a lisp or have difficulty pronouncing certain sounds. Although there’s an adjustment period when you first get dentures to learn how to speak with them, it shouldn’t last longer than a few weeks. If you can’t speak normally with your dentures, you need a new pair.

10. They Changed Colors

There are lots of different dentures on the market. Some are made with cheaper materials than others. As a result, they can change in color. As their color changes, your smile will look less natural. If your dentures have changed colors since you first got them and you feel self-conscious about their appearance, it’s time for you to invest in a new pair.

Get New Dentures in Anchorage

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