FOY® DenturesIf you’re unhappy with your dentures, you might think that it can’t get any better. You may even have tried a few different brands or styles of dentures and are convinced that all dentures are the same–and none of them are good.

But don’t give up on dentures until you’ve tried the Denture Fountain of Youth®! FOY® Dentures are unlike any dentures you’ve tried in the past. Here’s why.

The Best Fit with Neuromuscular Dentistry

FOY® Dentures are fitted differently than traditional dentures. Using neuromuscular dentistry, we are able to determine the optimal fit for your dentures.

Neuromuscular dentistry looks at the muscles, teeth, bones, and other tissues as part of a complex, interrelated system that has to work together. When we use these principles to fit your dentures, we are fitting your dentures not just to your gums, or your mouth, we’re fitting them with your entire facial structure: muscles, joints, and nerves included.

This allows your dentures to feel more comfortable and have a more balanced bite. It will improve the function of your jaw and help you avoid TMJ-related symptoms like headache, neck pain, and more. Your dentures will even help stabilize your core so you enjoy better balance and strength.

The Best Materials for Teeth and Gums

Many cheap dentures are made with the same plastic for teeth and gums–they’re just different colors. But FOY® Dentures are designed with ceramic teeth set in a high-density plastic base.

The ceramic teeth are made of materials commonly used for porcelain veneers–you’ll enjoy possibly the best smile of your life with an authentic, natural appearance. These teeth are also more resistant to wear and can be more effective at chewing.

The high-density base offers many benefits for you. It’s more resistant to staining, odors, and even breaking. Plus, it’s manufactured using a special layering technique that better mimics the appearance of natural gum tissue. It even has tiny inclusions that look like the veins in your gums.

Actual Denture Fountain of Youth® Patient!

Look Years Younger

Are you wondering why they’re called the Denture Fountain of Youth®? It’s because FOY® Dentures have the ability to make you look younger. Most dentures make you look older, but you’ll be amazed at how much younger you look with FOY® Dentures.

Many effects of facial aging are related to the loss of your teeth and the jawbone that supported them. This includes jowls, turkey neck, perioral wrinkles (lipstick lines), nasolabial folds (parentheses lines), and more. This decreases the support for the lower third of the face, which leads to an “excess” of facial skin and other tissues. These tissues have to hang down or fold to accommodate the reduced dimensions of your face.

So when we restore your facial dimensions with FOY® Dentures it’s like you’re getting a facelift. Only it’s better because instead of having skin cut away and the rest stretched on your face, your face is restored to its natural, youthful proportions.

Even Better Results with Dental Implants

FOY® Dentures don’t have to be combined with dental implants, but that’s how you get the best results. With the support of dental implants, you’ll find that you’re able to enjoy all the foods you at with natural teeth, and your dentures will be better able to support a stable core. And since dental implants stimulate your jawbone, using them means that your dentures will have long-term stability.

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