We went into dentistry because we wanted to help people, and it’s so rewarding when we can provide that help and hear how much of a difference it’s made in people’s lives.

Thank you notes warm our hearts and we like to share them with you. Not only does this pass on the good news, but sometimes people realize that we can help them as we helped others.

Sandy’s Situation

Sandy had a partial denture for many years. Although it was better than nothing, it had many of the common problems people have with dentures. In particular, it wasn’t supporting her bite properly. As a result she experienced TMJ symptoms including a sore jaw.

She wanted to get dental implants for many years, but in the past, she’d been told she had to get a bone graft to support implants in that area.

However, when dental implant technology developed to the point where she could get implants without a bone graft, we reached out to her and informed her of her options.

We placed dental implants and used them to anchor a fixed bridge that functions just like her natural teeth. It’s helped support her bite, which feels more comfortable than it has been for years. And Sandy was happy with the experience of getting her implants. Although she was initially fearful, she found that our compassionate staff made the experience easier than she ever thought possible.

You can read Sandy’s testimonial and others on our testimonials page.

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Are You In Sandy’s Situation?

Many people who considered dental implants in the past decided not to get them for various reasons. One common one is that they were told they needed a bone graft, which meant additional trouble, time, and expense.

But dental implant technology is improving all the time. Many people who weren’t candidates in the past can now get great results, often without a bone graft.

And if dental anxiety is keeping you from getting implants, it’s important to understand that not all dental practices are the same. We encourage you to learn how our office environment and caring staff can help you feel at ease. And, if you’re still anxious, sedation dentistry can help.

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