Whiten Your Smile and Help a ChildSpringtime is almost here, and that means spring cleaning! While you organize your pantry, closets, and garage, don’t forget to give yourself some love, too with a renewed smile. Choose to whiten your teeth this spring in Anchorage for a bright and shiny smile as the weather warms up. And, know that the proceeds from your whitening service are going to children in need around the world. We’re donating 100% of the proceeds from our at-home whitening service to the Smiles For Life Foundation this March through June.

Smiles For Life this March-June Foundation

The Smiles For Life Foundation is a charity that donates money to ill, underprivileged, and disabled children around the world. Last year, with your help, we donated $10,000. This year, we want to up the anty and donate $15,000! So when you think about whitening your smile this year, choose to help children and whiten your smile at Excellence in Dentistry.

This charity foundation has raised over $45 million dollars since 1998 and continues to provide children with the help they need each year.

Why Whiten Your Smile

Besides helping children, there are numerous reasons to whiten your smile!

  1. Teeth whitening enhances your appearance. White teeth look healthy and are more attractive than dull, discolored teeth. If you want to upgrade your smile to become more beautiful and welcoming, whiten your teeth.
  2. Teeth whitening gives you more confidence. When you’re self-conscious about your teeth, you tend to hide your smile and avoid social and professional situations. With a white and healthy smile, you’ll be eager to show it off and will have to confidence to speak, eat, and smile in front of others. Who knows, whitening your teeth might give you the confidence you need to ask for the promotion you deserve!
  3. Whitening your smile makes you look younger. The younger we are, the less likely things like coffee and fruit juices have stained our teeth and broken down enamel. So by whitening them, you’ll transform your appearance to years younger.
  4. Reverse the effects of smoking. If you formerly smoked cigarettes but can’t get that nasty yellowed look from your teeth, whitening can help. Professional whitening is fast, reliable, and doesn’t cause tooth sensitivity like DIY whitening.
  5. Do you have a special occasion coming up that you’d like to look your best for? Whitening your teeth is a must!

Our At-Home Whitening System

At Excellence In Dentistry, we’ll perform an exam and cleaning before sending you home with your whitening trays to ensure that your teeth, mouth, and gums are healthy enough for whitening.

Our whitening trays are custom. They protect your gums from the powerful whitening compound while your teeth lighten. The process will take a few weeks, but before you know it, you’ll have a bright new smile.

Whiten Your Smile in Anchorage, Help Children Worldwide

If there was ever a time to whiten your smile, it’s now. You can make a big difference in a child’s life just by choosing to whiten your teeth this spring. Dr. Kendall Skinner and Dr. Michael Fox are cosmetic dentists who are dedicated to high-quality dentistry, patient comfort, and whole health. Whiten your smile at Excellence in Dentistry and know that you’re in good hands. Call (907) 349-0022 or make an appointment online today. Make sure to mention that you’re excited to donate to children in need through Smiles For Life!