Dentures are an important tooth replacement for many people. Unfortunately, in contrast to dental implants, which can last a lifetime, dentures are relatively short-lived. Under the best conditions, dentures usually last up to eight years, but in many cases they don’t last nearly that long. 

Dentures get lost, get broken, or just lose their fit to the point that people stop wearing them. You might be tempted to give up on your dentures if they wear out on you, but here’s why that’s not a good idea. 

A Varied Diet Is Important

senior man sitting on park bench in the beautiful outdoorsYour dentures replace your teeth, and they help improve your ability to eat a wide variety of healthy foods. With dentures, you can eat a full range of healthy foods, including fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed meats. 

Many people neglect this point because they’ve never had dentures that actually let them eat healthy foods. Unfortunately, poorly made or cheap dentures often don’t help you eat to the point that people eat without them. However, with quality dentures, there’s no reason why you should have to give up any of the foods you have enjoyed in your life. 

Being Comfortable Helps You Socialize

In addition to eating, your teeth have a critical function in terms of your appearance. This isn’t a secondary consideration, because socializing is as important when we get older as when we are young. 

And it’s not just your appearance that matters here. Without dentures, it can be hard to talk and make yourself understood. This can make socializing more trouble to you, or make you too ashamed to socialize. 

Not having dentures can contribute to the problem of people avoiding company and staying at home. 

Dentures Can Reduce Fall Risk

You might think dentures just affect the function of your mouth, but the actual effects of your dentures extend throughout your body. Our teeth are a critical structure for core stability. We don’t think about it, but they automatically engage when we are walking around. 

Not having dentures–or having loose, ill-fitting dentures–reduces a person’s core stability, increasing their risk for falls. 

Falls become a much more serious concern as we get older. Falls lead to dangerous, even deadly complications, so it’s worth it to do what you can to reduce your risk. 

Dentures Extend Your Life

Ultimately, when you put it all together, the impact of dentures is significant: they can greatly extend your lifespan. In fact, a recent study in China found that for elderly individuals, wearing dentures reduced the mortality risk by nearly 20%!

Take that finding to heart before you decide it’s not worth it to replace your dentures. 

Looking for Quality Dentures in Anchorage?

If you are looking for dentures, it’s important to get quality dentures that allow you to do all the things that you wish, dentures that let you eat confidently, speak clearly, and smile happily. Excellence in Dentistry offers options for getting dentures that can not only extend your life, but improve it. Implant dentures use dental implants for security, which improves fit, function, and durability

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