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Bad Breath

Should You Use Mouthwash?

Most mouthwash commercials are the same. Someone brushing their teeth in frame is informed via narration that brushing isn’t enough, and is handed a bottle of mouthwash said to kill 99.9% of bad bacteria. If you’ve used mouthwash yourself, you’ve noticed the tingling sensation it produces in your mouth, and after a quick rinse, you [...]

4 Reasons For Your Bad Breath

When you wake up in the morning and try to kiss your significant-other, is their first reaction to turn away? Do you obsessively check your breath before meetings or obsessively pop breath mints? According to a recent study, nearly 50 percent of all adults in America are embarrassed by their bad breath, or bad breath [...]

Bad Breath Can Have a Major Impact on Happiness

We know that bad breath is a nuisance, but for people with chronic bad breath, sometimes called halitosis, the impact can be severe. And now a new study shows just how severe bad breath can be, making people twice as unhappy with their oral health, and impacting their social interactions on a daily basis. Ooh [...]

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