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Dental Crowns

Why PFM Crowns Can Be Unattractive

For many years, Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns were the solution for attractive restorations. Ceramic wasn’t yet strong enough by itself, so a thin layer of porcelain was bonded to a metal structure in the hope that it would function as a durable, and natural looking replacement for damaged teeth. In reality, however, PFM proved to be [...]

Why You Should Upgrade Fillings “No One Will See”

Many people with old metal fillings and crowns have them in the back of their mouth. This was from the days when there either weren’t attractive tooth-colored fillings or the fillings weren’t strong enough to stand up to the bite force of chewing with the back teeth. Nowadays, we have restorations that [...]

Why Are Your Teeth Eroding?

Tooth erosion is a major problem in dentistry. Dental cavities occur when a specific spot on your tooth is being attacked by acid. Tooth erosion occurs when all your teeth are being attacked by acid at the same time. If this isn’t detected and stopped in time, it may require [link id='16' text='full mouth reconstruction' [...]

4 Preventable Factors That Can Destroy Your Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are designed to be very long-lasting restorations. And in most cases they  are, lasting decades. But there are some key factors that can dramatically undermine the strength and durability of your dental crowns. If you don’t take them into account, you may dramatically shorten the life of your dental crowns. Here are some [...]

Symptoms Related to Your Metal Fillings and Crowns

It used to be that metal fillings and crowns were considered the standard of care in dentistry. Unfortunately, these metal restorations can have long-lasting consequences. These old fillings can make your smile look highly unattractive, but they can also cause many symptoms that are at the least annoying, and can be very [...]

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