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Dental Implants

Is It Time to Update Crowns and Bridges on Dental Implants?

Dental implants have the amazing benefit of being able to last a lifetime. With proper placement, care, and maintenance, dental implants have been documented lasting over 50 years, and there’s no reason to believe they might not last another 50.  However, dental crowns and bridges on top of the implants are another story. While these have [...]

5 Common Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry

Many so-called Eagle River cosmetic dental procedures are not solely cosmetic. Wasilla dental procedures such as tooth replacement are smile-enhancing and, more importantly, prevent many potential problems such as tooth movement, bone loss and difficulty chewing and speaking.

Do You Hate Your Dentures?

Perhaps you have heard or seen the Eagle River dental industry's advertising about dental implants. Most Anchorage dentists claim that dental implant dentures can change your life. Does this sound like hype? Exaggeration? The truth is that dental implants can improve virtually every aspect of your dentures. Consider the advantages of implant anchored [...]

Medications That Can Interfere with Dental Implant Healing

Dental implants are in general a very successful procedure, no matter what implant myths you might have heard. Overall, the success rate of dental implants is about 98%, and when implants are successful, more than 90% are still in place at least 20 years later, according to clinical studies. However, there are [...]

Don’t Believe These 3 Dental Implant Myths

When it comes to cosmetic dental procedures, dental implants are anything but risky. This tried and true procedure is reliable, highly effective, and has very few downsides. And yet, there are still plenty of misconceptions floating around about dental implants. Whether you’ve heard horror stories secondhand or just never looked into the details of dental [...]

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