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Why You Should Upgrade Fillings “No One Will See”

Many people with old metal fillings and crowns have them in the back of their mouth. This was from the days when there either weren’t attractive tooth-colored fillings or the fillings weren’t strong enough to stand up to the bite force of chewing with the back teeth. Nowadays, we have restorations that [...]

Symptoms Related to Your Metal Fillings and Crowns

It used to be that metal fillings and crowns were considered the standard of care in dentistry. Unfortunately, these metal restorations can have long-lasting consequences. These old fillings can make your smile look highly unattractive, but they can also cause many symptoms that are at the least annoying, and can be very [...]

European Parliament Agrees to Partial Ban of Metal Amalgam Fillings

In a landmark decision, the European Parliament passed a partial ban on metal amalgam fillings in children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. The ban follows an agreement in principle established in December 2016 and is in keeping with the global signing of the Minamata Convention on Mercury that seeks to reduce the use of mercury [...]

More Restorative Dentistry Needed if Anchorage Stopped Fluoridation

Last month, the Anchorage Assembly voted down a proposal to put the question of water fluoridation to voters. The vote was 9-1 with two primary reasons for rejecting it. The first reason was that the Assembly thought a scientific question should be based on scientific evidence rather than a popular vote. However, the Assembly might [...]

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