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Gum Disease

4 Reasons For Your Bad Breath

When you wake up in the morning and try to kiss your significant-other, is their first reaction to turn away? Do you obsessively check your breath before meetings or obsessively pop breath mints? According to a recent study, nearly 50 percent of all adults in America are embarrassed by their bad breath, or bad breath [...]

4 Signs Gum Disease Could Be Killing You

You’ve probably heard of gum disease. Since you were a kid, your parents and other authority figures have harped on the importance of brushing and flossing. It was probably a chore then, but now you understand the cost of cavities and other dental nightmares. Plus, you want your smile to look and [...]

Periodontal Disease: a Silent Killer

A recently published study has found a new a link between periodontal disease (gum disease) and esophageal cancer. Published in the American Association for Cancer Research, the study analyzed bacteria present in a mouths with pronounced periodontal disease, and associated this bacteria with a higher rate of esophageal cancer. Because this type [...]

Tell Santa to Go Easy on the Cookies

As we make our way through the holiday season, the sugar assault is in full advance. Caramels, cookies, fruitcake, and candy canes; eggnog, pie, and lattes. Sugar has gotten a bad rap as of late, and for good reason. While the American Heart Association recommends only 25 g (6 ¼ teaspoons) of sugar daily for [...]

The Truth: Dentistry Is Competing With “Luxury” Items

Hunting season is in full swing, so you might be thinking about upgrading your gear. While a new gun or even a 4x4 might be in the cards, it might be time to think about other upgrades -- like your teeth. A new rifle might make it easier to bag that buck, but teeth make [...]

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