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4 Reasons For Your Bad Breath

When you wake up in the morning and try to kiss your significant-other, is their first reaction to turn away? Do you obsessively check your breath before meetings or obsessively pop breath mints? According to a recent study, nearly 50 percent of all adults in America are embarrassed by their bad breath, or bad breath [...]

Facts and Myths of Charcoal Toothpaste

The week after the holidays is for spending time with family, preparing for the New Year, and, of course, trying out our new gadgets. Maybe that means turning up the jam with our new smart speaker, cooking up something fast and delicious with our electronic pressure cooker, or watching the game on our 4k television. [...]

Four Ways to Stave Off Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is no joke. Though it may not seem serious at first, full-blown gum disease has been known to contribute to the development of several illnesses including heart disease, cancer, and even dementia. Starting as painless inflammation of gum tissue, what makes periodontal disease so dangerous is that it can reach an [...]

Did GIs Teach America to Brush Its Teeth?

This week we celebrated Memorial Day, when we take the time to remember all the great things that veterans have given this country. It’s more than you probably think. You know that we have vets to thank for our freedom, and for the general safety and stability that is the foundation of the prosperity we [...]

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