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Why Choose DURAthin® Over Lumineers?

Cosmetic dentistry in Anchorage can improve your smile in so many ways; there are some innovative procedures you may not even be familiar with yet. If you’re not thrilled with how your smile looks, and you’re considering seeing a cosmetic dentist in Anchorage, then good for you for taking that first step. [...]

Secrets for Long-Lasting Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you considering cosmetic dentistry, but are afraid it won't last? Here's the good news: cosmetic dentistry procedures have a long lifetime. At a minimum, most cosmetic restorations are expected to last 10 years or more, with many lasting 20+ years, and a few lasting a lifetime. But if you want to get that [...]

How to Avoid Cracking Teeth on Anchorage’s Mountain Biking Trails

One of the best parts of summer in Anchorage is enjoying the long summer days and all the activities that come with good weather. One of the most popular summer activities is mountain biking and for a good reason. Some of the best bike trails in Anchorage are located right next to our dental [...]

Do You Have Bulky, Unattractive Veneers? We Can Help

If you are looking to beautify, restore, and rejuvenate your smile, there’s no better cosmetic dentistry procedure than veneers. Sometimes called porcelain veneers for historical reasons, these thin shells of advanced ceramic can brighten your smile better than teeth whitening, straighten them faster than orthodontics and simultaneously resize and reshape your teeth. [...]

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