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What You Need To Know About Root Canals

Even the mention of a root canal can be terrifying. The procedure has gained a cultural significance of being painful, and all around unpleasant. But ask most people what exactly is a root canal, and they don't have an answer. Is it something to truly fear? The answer to this question is [...]

Extractions Don’t Have To Be So Bad

As the expression goes, sometimes things are as difficult as pulling teeth. But with improved surgical procedures, tools, and techniques, extracting damaged teeth doesn’t have to be. Unless it’s your wisdom teeth, tooth extraction is generally considered to be a last resort procedure, but often it can lead to better results than [...]

How Serious Is My Cracked Tooth?

If you have cracked a tooth, it may require immediate attention. Or it may not. But how can you tell? Here are some factors to consider before deciding whether to get treatment or not. How Serious Was the Incident? A tooth rarely chips for no reason at all. At a minimum, a tooth may chip [...]

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