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7 Tips to Relieve Dental Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States, affecting nearly 40 million Americans over the age of 18. Even more surprising is how anxiety can affect the oral health of patients of our {{{{link id='50001' text='Anchorage dentists'}}}}. As it turns out, many American adults who haven’t been to [...]

Don’t Let Your Teeth Land You in the Emergency Room

No doubt you probably know: the emergency room is expensive. In an effort to cut down non-emergency emergency room visits, many of the major healthcare providers have tacked on addition fees for visiting the emergency room. As much as many could argue the inadequacies of our current healthcare system, the fact is that in this [...]

Take Control Of Dental Anxiety

If you experience dental anxiety, you’re not alone — some estimates say that as much as 75% of Americans experience some level of dental anxiety. In fact, more than 15% of people avoid going to the dentist completely because of their dental anxiety, which can have very expensive consequences. Although this anxiety [...]

Going To the Dentist Doesn’t Have To Hurt

Pain isn't fun. Your Anchorage dentist knows this, and that is why the dental team at Excellence In Dentistry have made patient comfort a top priority. In conjunction with creating a relaxing environment, your dentist has various medications that can reduce and even eliminate pain associated with different dental procedures to give you a [...]

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