At Excellence in Dentistry, we see ourselves as being more than just a provider of dentistry. We know we are servants of our community, and we strive to reach out to extend that service beyond the patients we see in our office.

Mission of Mercy (M.O.M.)

Anchorage 2015 & Fairbanks 2016

Fur Rondy 2015

Ski For Women 2012

Dental Mission Trip 2011

One of the ways we have extended our reach is through this dental mission trip in 2011. As a team, we flew to San Diego, then traveled by van to Vicente Guerrero in Baja, Mexico. The village was small and had primitive facilities. The residents had limited access to healthcare, and we were joined by a physician Dr. Dave Wukasch and his wife Deb, who helped us provide treatment.

We were able to improve the lives of many people who would otherwise have had to go without treatment. We were all very thankful for the experience, and give thanks to everyone who helped make it such a success.

Excellence in Dentistry team
Dental team with patient
teeth cleaning
dentist examining patient
child in dentist chair
dental team
carrying child on back
dental team in Mexico community
Dental team
smiling with child patient
woman playing with children
woman preparing dental tools
woman sitting with children
examining child patient
dentist working on patient
dental work on patient
dental team with x-ray machine
women passing out food