Invisalign is a great way to straighten teeth for people who don’t want to get traditional braces. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign doesn’t make it harder to brush and floss your teeth or limit the foods you can eat. Plus, Invisalign trays are nearly invisible compared to the metal brackets and wires of traditional braces.

At Excellence in Dentistry, Dr. Michael Fox is certified in Invisalign treatment and can help ensure you get the best results from your care.

Your Initial Invisalign Appointment

At your initial appointment, Anchorage Invisalign dentist Dr. Fox will talk to you about the current state of your smile, and what you hope to achieve.

For the most part, people get Invisalign when they are unhappy because of crooked teeth. Invisalign can straighten your teeth, relieve crowding, reduce an underbite or overbite, and treat other teeth alignment problems. Invisalign also works as a teeth whitening system, so it can address many types of tooth discoloration, especially staining from food, drink, and tobacco.

Dr. Fox will evaluate your teeth to determine if Invisalign is a good treatment to achieve the results you’re looking for. If you’re not likely to get good results from Invisalign or if you might benefit more from a treatment like porcelain veneers.

Designing Your New Smile

If you and Dr. Fox agree that Invisalign is the right treatment for you, you’ll schedule an appointment to design your new smile.

First, Dr. Fox and/or his assistant will get a digital 3D scan of your teeth. This is a simple process, and it only takes a few minutes. You don’t have to bite down into impression material and hold still, just hold your mouth open. It doesn’t even have to be open for a long time.

Once we have the 3D model, the Align software lets us preview and adjust the final desired positions for your teeth. You’ll get a good look at what your final results will look like.

Once we’re happy with the design, we send it to Align. There, they will break the tooth movements down into individual steps, and the company will create a custom aligner for you to achieve that step. It takes from 2-6 weeks to create your aligners, depending on how busy the company is.

Wearing and Caring for Your Aligners

Once we receive your aligners, we’ll call you back in for your initial fitting. We’ll make sure your aligner fits properly. It will feel snug, and you’ll notice the pressure it’s putting on your teeth. (Sometimes this can cause soreness or headaches. If you get headaches, go ahead and take over-the-counter pain relievers.) Otherwise, it should be comfortable. We’ll show you how to put them in and take them out.

Try to wear your aligners for a minimum of 20 hours a day–and 22 hours or more is best.

Benefits of Invisalign Aligners

While you’re wearing your Invisalign aligners, you’ll enjoy the benefits that set them apart from traditional braces. With Invisalign:

  • You have no diet restrictions
  • Brushing and flossing is as easy as ever
  • No wires or brackets to irritate your cheeks
  • Almost no one will notice your aligners
  • You can remove aligners for special occasions like public speaking, professional pictures, or a big date

These benefits are part of the reason why Invisalign keeps getting more popular.

Aligner Care Tips

You’ll get full instructions on aligner care at our office. These tips are here just to help you know what to expect. To take good care of your aligners, you should always:

  • Take them out for eating or drinking–only consume water with your aligners in
  • Clean aligners daily–gently brush your aligner with a soft-bristled toothbrush at least once a day. Soak them as necessary to avoid staining or odors. Use either a denture cleaner or Invisalign’s cleaner.
  • Avoid hot water–it can warp or damage your aligners
  • Keep aligners safe–put them in their case when you’re not wearing them

If you’re using your aligners as teeth whitening trays, make sure to follow directions for the whitener, too.

Progress Check-Ups

For the first few aligners, we may have you come in every two weeks to make sure you’re progressing in your treatment. Then we’ll give you your next aligner. After a while, we will space out your visits so that you only come to our office every six or eight weeks.

At your check-ups, we may recommend changes to your treatment plan. Invisalign is constantly improving, and it means that many people only have to wear their aligners one week before moving on to the next aligner. We’ll let you know whether you can switch to this schedule. Never skip aligners or try to rush treatment. Your bones need the time to reshape and rebuild around your teeth. If they don’t get enough time, it may lead to complications.

If we notice developing problems at your check-up, we might recommend changes to your oral hygiene routine.

After You Finish Your Aligner Course

As you near the end of your aligners, we’ll evaluate your progress more carefully. We’ll let you know if you’ll achieve results as expected or if you might need some refinements at the end (something that’s increasingly rare).

When you finish your treatment, we’ll make a retainer for you. Your retainer will keep your teeth from drifting out of place after you finish treatment. It will look just like your aligners, but it’s sturdier, designed to hold your teeth in place, not move them.

You’ll start out wearing your retainer as much as you wore your aligners, but after a while, you can switch to just wearing it at night, then maybe just a few nights a week.

Why Choose Excellence in Dentistry for Invisalign

Excellence in Dentistry delivers outstanding Invisalign treatment. Here’s why patients choose us over other Anchorage dental offices:

  1. Expertise: Our certified Invisalign dentist knows the procedure in detail and can ensure you get optimal treatment.
  2. Compassion: We are dedicated to delivering the most compassionate, comfortable Invisalign treatment possible.
  3. Personal Experience: We take our time to get to know our patients so that we can provide them with dental care uniquely suited to their needs.

We also respect your budget and will do what we can to keep treatment costs down. If necessary, dental financing is available.

Get Invisalign in Anchorage

If you’re tired of living with a crooked smile, Invisalign can help. You’ll straighten your teeth without metal brackets and wires, without diet restrictions, and without serious hygiene challenges.

To learn whether Invisalign is right for you, please call (907) 349-0022 or use our online form to request an appointment at Excellence in Dentistry.