High-Tech Prevention

To give their patients unparalleled oral health protection, Dr. Kendall at Excellence in Dentistry have partnered with CariFree to offer their patients the best in preventive dental care. Bacterial infection, genetic predisposition, and lack of saliva can lead to cavities. While bad eating habits and poor oral hygiene certainly have their role to play, some people have already been dealt a bad hand by nature. CariFree can help you make the tough draw and show a winning smile.

With a culture test and a one-minute swab of CariFree, these Anchorage dentists can determine whether you have the bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease. They can also measure and identify the level of decay caused by the bacteria.

In case you do have the bacterial infection, you will be prescribed a rinse protocol that is personalized for your specific disease and risk criteria. This rinse will fight the infection and treat it, minimizing your chances of getting any additional cavities. CariFree is the best product system that has been introduced to this day to prevent cavities. It battles the bacteria by neutralizing the mouth’s pH levels, leaving the teeth healthy, strong and cavity-free.

Dr. Kendall will recommend the use of CariFree after doing a thorough checkup of your oral health. If there are signs of dental caries caused by the growth of cavity-causing bacteria, they will recommend the best mode of treatment, reducing your risk of future dental decay.

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Tooth Decay Prevention is Always Better

At Excellence in Dentistry in Anchorage, Alaska, we believe in a preemptive approach to oral health. Prevention is better than cure as it saves you the pain of whatever oral disease you are facing. Knowing the ways of preventing disease is the best approach in dental medicine.

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CariFree products have been designed with this in mind. They are made not only to treat a certain issue but also to make sure it never comes back. However, the chances of a certain bacterial infection or disease not coming back also depends on the person. If they follow the instructions and preventive care told to them by our Anchorage dentists, chances are their oral health will remain in good condition for a long time. Fortunately, CariFree makes this easy, as prevention products aren’t just toothpaste and rinses, but also gums, lollipops, and more.

Even though regular flossing and brushing are effective in taking care of cavity-causing dental caries, sometimes they are not as effective as we might think. CariFree works to not only destroy the harmful bacteria but it has been formulized to promote the growth of healthy bacteria. This gives CariFree an edge over other conventional methods like brushing and flossing alone.

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