Comprehensive Exam

When you visit Excellence in Dentistry in Anchorage, Alaska, we complete our “New Patient Experience” with our comprehensive 6-step exam series. This Exam includes:

  1. Risk/Health Assessment
  2. Head and Neck and Oral Cancer Exam
  3. Airway Evaluation/Sleep Apnea screening
  4. Occlusal Exam to look at the relationship between your joint, muscles and your teeth
  5. Evaluation of the current condition of your teeth, evaluating old fillings, and checking for cavities, and
  6. Thorough periodontal (gum) evaluation.

Once this exam is complete, we will know how to help you achieve optimal dental health and help you stay that way. If you have any dental problems or concerns, Dr. Kendall will explain the condition of your mouth and share with you your options to prevent the problem from worsening. In the case where dental treatment is necessary, as natural teachers, it will be explained thoroughly, allowing you to proceed with care at whatever pace feels right to you.

Why Oral Health Is the Foundation of General Health

There are many reasons why your oral health is vital to your overall health. Everything you eat, drink, and inhale passes through your mouth and throat. That means that any disease in your mouth is carried into your body. And via your blood, it can be spread even further.

Your teeth and mouth determine how well you are able to eat and whether you can enjoy a varied, healthy diet. Without healthy teeth, healthy vegetables and unprocessed meats are often the first things to be lost from your diet.

And there’s another, unappreciated reason why your oral health contributes to your overall health. Neuromuscular dentistry tells us that the jaw is interconnected with the other muscles and bones of the head and neck. When the jaw is out of alignment, that misalignment can have negative consequences for the rest of your body, including neck and spine problems, headaches, and more.

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Does Anxiety Keep You from the Dentist?

Many people have a hard time making regular dental checkups because they’re afraid of the dentist. Or maybe they’re not really afraid, but dental visits are unpleasant enough that they find excuses not to go.

If that’s you, then we can help. Sedation dentistry can help you overcome your dental anxiety to get the preventive dental care you need to preserve your smile and your health. We offer alternatives for people with mild anxiety and those with very serious phobia. If you have moderate anxiety, conscious sedation can help. If you have more serious dental anxiety, IV sedation may be right for you.

The Front Runners of the Dental Industry

General dentists perform all primary dental care for patients. They are thoroughly trained and experienced to take care of your family’s overall dental needs. Regardless of a patients’ age, dentists who practice general dentistry are able to diagnose and treat most any oral issues, and they have the best coordination of skills to work with specific specialist dentists when needed.

Dr. Kendall is a frontrunner in the dental industry. He has been performing general dentistry procedures at the highest level for over 25 years. This alone makes our practice exceptional. In addition, we use the latest in technology with computer digital radiographs, digital intra-oral cameras, sophisticated computer smile design imaging technology, State-of-the-Art muscle TENS(J5) relaxation protocol, K7 Computerized TMJ muscle evaluation (like a EKG for your jaw muscles), and TSCAN computerized occlusal evaluation. We also enjoy private and discreet treatment suites with dental chair massage and 7 different dental lasers.

Are you looking for a quality dental home with a top quality Team to keep your teeth healthy and bright and your mouth in optimal oral health? Come check us out and see for yourself why our practice is known as Excellence In Dentistry.

So, why wait?  Give us a call at (907) 349-0022 or contact us to reserve some time with Dr. Kendall at Excellence in Dentistry in Anchorage, Alaska today!