How Do Dental Lasers Work?

All lasers are a form of concentrated and amplified light energy. In dentistry, the laser energizes water and through a process of hydrokinetics creates an energy that often replaces the dental drill. Since there is no heat or vibration, the laser reduces the need for needles and anesthesia. This often means no shot, no drill, and less pain after the procedure.

Lasers don’t just replace drills. Another of our lasers we use promotes bio-stimulation and enhances and increases individual cells to heal faster and more comfortably.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry in Anchorage

Lasers are often used instead of traditional dental drills by experienced and trained dentists. Dr. Kendall is thoroughly trained in the handling of dental lasers and has incorporated the latest and the best in laser technology at Excellence in Dentistry in Anchorage, Alaska. The benefits of laser dentistry are:

  • Comfort. Lasers produce no heat or vibration, reducing the need for anesthesia
  • Drill-free. In many cases, the laser replaces the need for the dental drill
  • Promotes Healing. When treating soft tissues and gums, the laser is comfortable and promotes healing
  • Sterilizes. Also used to sterilize the area that requires work, precise and conservative
  • Quick. With no drill prep or clean-up and often no anesthesia, lasers can be much faster than other treatments

Lasers Used At Excellence in Dentistry

The lasers used at Excellence in Dentistry are as follows:

Thor Cold/Low Level Laser

The low-level laser increases cellular repair through bio stimulation and also has the ability to immediately reduce pain. At Excellence in Dentistry, it is used for TMJ treatments as it helps in reducing pain, accelerating healing, treating herpetic ulcers and reducing the inflammation of tissues.

Kavo Diode Laser

The diode laser specifically targets unhealthy areas in the gums and is a proven path toward superior dental health. Used during hygiene visits (with LASER) and prophy (regular cleaning) appointments. The laser is used to reduce bacterial load in perio pockets (periodontal disease) and to decrease the pocket depths with regular treatment. It also increases healing and reduces inflammation like other lasers.

LightScalpel Laser-Surgery equipmentLight Scalpel CO2

Also known as a “soft tissue laser”, the CO2 laser safely and effectively replaces a scalpel to gently reshape and re-contour the gum line to create beautiful and esthetic smiles. Healing time is greatly decreased in comparison to the same procedures done with a scalpel. This causes little to no post-op pain to the patient.

Light Walker NDYag/Erbium Yag Laser

Also known as a “hard and soft tissue laser”, it is used in many cases as a replacement for dental drills. It also allows the procedures to be performed without the need of shots or an anesthetic. It is the best way to completely clean a tooth needing root canal treatment to promote rapid healing. It can be used to anesthetize the teeth which causes little to no pain even after the procedure.

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