Dental implants have become one of the most requested procedures in dentistry, and there’s no wonder why: implants can replace one or more lost teeth, are fully functional, and highly attractive. The procedure has a very high success rate, and if implants are properly cared for, they can last a lifetime.

We can perform the full implant procedure in our office, from placing the implant to topping it with a highly attractive ceramic crown.


The All-on-4 procedure is a highly innovative variation on dental implants that is designed to be less expensive, faster, and more convenient. Not everyone is a candidate, but if you are, you can get a full set of new teeth in one day, without needing bone graft or other supporting procedures. With just four implants in each arch, you can have a full set of functional, secure teeth that look attractive and natural.

Bone Graft and Sinus Lift

dental implant 3D xrayDental implants rely on your bone for support. So what if you don’t have enough bone? A bone graft is used to build up your bone to the point where it will support your dental implants. Many bone grafts are simple and can be performed at the same time as your dental implant procedure, but some may require a separate procedure.

A sinus lift is a form of bone graft that many dentists can’t perform. It adds bone to your upper jaw by building up bone between the jaw and your sinuses. Being able to offer this procedure lets us give our patients more options for getting the dental implant results they desire.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

For many people, wisdom teeth can be a real problem. They grow in where there isn’t room for them, can become impacted, and can be hard to clean. The results can be decay, infections, cysts, and other problems. These affect not just the wisdom teeth, but neighboring teeth, and they can even be a threat to your overall health if infection spreads.

Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth extracted, but it’s often the best approach to protect your teeth and your health.

Other Teeth Extractions

In general, we want to preserve your teeth, but there are some situations where tooth extraction is the best course of action. Teeth might be extracted if they are badly infected and can’t be saved. Other times they have suffered serious trauma that cracked the root, or the state of the gums and bone around the tooth make saving it unlikely. Sometimes, a tooth could technically be saved, but it’s not the most effective option. We’ll consider factors like cost, time, appearance, and health in making our recommendation about whether to remove a tooth or not, but the decision is ultimately yours.

IV Sedation

For many oral surgery procedures, IV sedation is used to ensure your comfort. It also helps work progress more quickly and can provide for complete elimination of anxiety during the procedure.

Few dentists can offer IV sedation, since it requires specialized training and equipment. We have decided that the safety and comfort of our patients matters enough to get this training and equipment.

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