Avoid Side Effects of Anesthesia

Oraverse helps you avoid some of the negative side effects of local anesthesia.

One serious problem some people have with local anesthesia is a tendency to bite their cheeks, tongue, or lips while they’re numb. Because you can’t feel the bite, you don’t know how hard you’re biting, and you can suffer serious injury. This can happen either as a complete accident or as a nervous habit. With OraVerse, your feeling returns sooner so you have less time to injure lips, tongue, and cheeks.

Another potential problem is drinking hot liquids. Many of us enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea. If you are numb, you might not realize quite how hot it is, and you can burn yourself seriously. You may also spill the drink on yourself, causing burns elsewhere. Getting back feeling sooner will help you avoid this risk.

Finally, there’s the embarrassment that comes with residual numbness. You may feel self-conscious if one part of your face is sagging, you can’t speak clearly, or you experience drooling because your lips are numb. Trying to avoid people seeing you like this can limit your ability to schedule dental appointments or make you take too much time off from work.

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What Are OraVerse Reverse Anesthetics?

OraVerse is the first and only FDA-approved product to rapidly reverse the effects of local dental anesthetic and Dr. Kendall was the first dentists in Alaska offering this innovative treatment.

It typically takes 2-3 hours to recover from soft tissue anesthesia. With OraVerse, patients can return to normal sensation and function in about half that time, making it easier to get back to your life.

You can be ready for that afternoon meeting or an intimate dinner–no need to cancel an entire day’s plans just because you got local anesthesia.

How Does OraVerse Work?

oraverseAfter administering a normal local anesthetic and completing dental work, Dr. Kendall will use a second shot, this time of OraVerse, to begin reversing the anesthetic. Afraid it will hurt? Don’t worry! OraVerse is delivered using a standard syringe at the same spot as your first shot, and because you’re already numb, you won’t even feel it.

The drug in OraVerse expands blood vessels in the treated area, allowing your body to remove and eliminate local anesthesia faster. Other aspects of the mechanism of action are not well understood.

Are OraVerse Reverse Anesthetics safe?

OraVerse’s anti-numbing treatment has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective for adults and teens, and even children as young as six can be given OraVerse safely. In fact, although this reverse anesthetics treatment is brand new, the drug in OraVerse has been used in other medical situations since 1952.

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If you need dental work but don’t need to spend the rest of the day suffering from its numbing after-effects, you need OraVerse reverse anesthetics.

Please call (907) 349-0022 or contact us today. OraVerse can get you back on track faster!