DO NOT smoke, drink carbonated or hot beverages, eat hard candies or citrus/spicy foods
DO NOT drink alcohol or consume dairy products
DO NOT rinse vigorously or drink through a straw for at least 48 hours

Anesthetics: The length of time you experience numbness will vary depending on the type of anesthetic you received and how quickly your body metabolizes it. Some anesthetics can last as long as 7-8 hours. Please be careful to avoid biting your cheeks, lips or tongue. Refrain from consuming hot food or liquids that may burn your lips, cheeks, or tongue until your anesthetic has completely worn off

Bleeding: Leave your gauze pack in for 30-45 minutes (or longer if recommended by your dentist)

Medication: Take your prescribed medication(s) only as directed

Swelling & Pain: Apply an ice pack or cold compress in 20 min intervals. You may want to use an old pillow case in the beginning in case of possible blood stains. Please remember that when blood mixes with saliva it will give the appearance of heavier bleeding. Do not be alarmed.

Diet: Drink lots of liquids and eat soft, bland, nutritional foods. Examples include: mashed potatoes, seedless fruit/smoothies, rice, soup, jello or pudding. High protein food will help with your healing process

Rinsing & Oral Hygiene: The following day you may rinse with warm salt water. Gently rinsing after meals is important. Avoid using mouthwash during the early healing process and use care when brushing around the healing site

Activities: Light activity is acceptable; however, please refrain from heavy lifting or strenuous activities for at least 3-5 days

Dr. Kendall and Dr. Fox are available for nighttime or weekend emergency care.

Dr. Kendall cell: 907.360.5275 | Dr. Fox cell: 918.399.5313