I was born in Korea and came to the United States in May 1980. I have been an Alaskan resident since 1982. I’m the second child out of 5 siblings. My mom is an awesome cook, and my dad is quiet, humble, and a grateful person. My parents were strict and kept us very tight as a family, but we were happy, active, and energetic. We always did things together. I remember my house was THE place for gatherings. Often one room was full of parents and one room was full of kids. There was lots of food, laughter, and kids running around being crazy. Growing up in my household there was never a dull moment!

I got married to Scott in 1990 and have two beautiful girls, Valerie is 19 and Veronica is 14 years old. The girls keep us pretty busy with soccer games, XC running, ski meets, music, and dance lessons. Being with my family is what I enjoy and love to do most when I’m not working. For the last few years, I’ve been trying to get out more to enjoy the Great Alaskan Outdoors i.e. hiking, biking, and fishing. Time is precious and valuable to me; we only have few more years before Veronica goes off to college and my “babies” move on to their adulthood.

I was introduced to dentistry in 1990, which means it’s been over 14 years of working in dentistry. I’m thankful and blessed to work with doctors who support and provide continued education to expand my career and to better serve patient needs with excellent and quality dentistry. Most of all, I enjoy building relationships and get to know our patients. If I haven’t met you yet, I look forward to getting to know you and your families.