See what our patients are saying!

Chris W.

"My experience with my TMJ treatment at the office has been nothing short of stellar. After seven plus years and over 30 doctors, I am writing this review today with zero neck pain which has allowed me to take back large aspects of my life that I haven't been able to do for a long time. I am aware that Dr. Kendall and his staff offer a wide variety of services and while I have not received these, based on my experience, I would be confident in receiving top notch care, and getting exactly what was needed, by a team that truly cares."

Jeff A.

"Today I experienced unbelievable dentistry and craftsmanship that I didn't know existed. The dentistry is truly artful. Thank you Dr. Kendall and team!"

Wendy P.

"I love this place! I had an appointment today for an extraction and bridge. I was VERY comfortable, even feel asleep and was snoring! Everyone in their office is extremely professional and friendly. I appreciate how they walked me through the procedures and explained everything. You can't beat them, no matter where you go. I give them a 15/10! Highly recommend!"

Sarah T

When my husband and I learned Dr. Kendall moved back to Alaska we couldn’t wait to book our next dental visit. He is the kindest and most gentle dentist you will ever meet. Recently, I had an amazing experience with my new dental veneers. Dr. Kendall and his staff worked so incredibly hard and gave me a beautiful smile I had only dreamed of. He and his staff, who actually know every single patient by name, treated me like a celebrity. Dr. Kendall and his team listened to my concerns, worked with my hectic schedule and delivered top notch service. He likely belongs in LA or NY as he is extremely talented. Nonetheless, Alaska is incredibly lucky to have him back!


“Great job! I am very pleased with the work and, like you said, I do not remember a thing that happened during the 6 hour procedure…Wow! My thanks to you and your superb staff for returning a smile to my face. It is a great feeling after being without one for so long.”

Marguerite F.

Very considerate & gentle staff also very pleasant, very close attention to detail. Excellent results and really a pain free experience. I would recommend Dr. Kendall and his staff.


I recently went to Excellence in Dentistry to address some decay under two older crowns. Via ex-ray, Dr. Kendall Skinner found an adjacent tooth that also had decay. Even though we allotted time to address the two original teeth for the appointment, Dr. Kendall adjusted his schedule so that we could address all three teeth that day in a single session. It was found that one of the teeth had decay down to the jawbone and the tooth needed to be extracted. Dr. Kendall presented my options clearly and we discussed the plan of action. We removed the tooth and inserted a tooth implant all in the same sitting. This was in addition to addressing the other two crowns that needed attention. My teeth are in a much healthier place now, due to the excellent care I received, which included the supporting staff of Michelle, Jen and Vicky. Dr. Kendall's chair-side manner, kindness and technical ability has earned him my future trust and business. Outstanding service from the entire dental team at Excellence in Dentistry.

Mary Ann P.

"Dr. Kendall Skinner is by far the benchmark for "excellence in dentistry". His concern for the comfort of the patient goes beyond compare. Staff is so very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable."

Jerri W.

The whole team is amazing and very caring. I feel very comfortable knowing they have the latest technology. I'll never go anywhere else. Excellence in Dentistry is the best!

Justin W.

I have had nothing less than a great and flawless experience! Thanks Alexis!

Linda F.

“The most exceptional team of dental professionals I have ever experienced. Outstanding in every way.”

Sophia C.

“In my 20’s I noticed my teeth were starting to wear down. Eventually, my bite had collapsed so much that it looked as if I didn’t have any teeth. Because of this, I looked much older than I really was and I became self-conscious about it. When you were able to fix my teeth, I was amazed! I was told by other dentists that it wasn’t possible or if they were able to fix them I definitely wouldn’t be getting porcelain crowns. However, you did fix my teeth and you were able to use beautiful and neutral-looking porcelain crowns to do it. My teeth turned out beautiful and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. You didn’t just fix my teeth you gave me back the confidence and self-esteem I had lost over the years. The work that you and your team do is life changing! Thank you so much.”

Lindsay R.

“Best dental office I’ve had the pleasure of patronizing by a landslide. It is clear that all staff are happy and treated very well. Everyone’s bedside manner is A+. Both Drs. have done beautiful work, including flawless facial restoration and root canal.”


“You are great. I really love the care and time that the staff spends with me to get to know me and what is happening in my life.”


“My experience at your office exceeded my expectations. What a marvelous ‘crew’ you have!!!!!!!!!”

Evelena E.

Thank you so much for making my dental experience yesterday the best I’ve ever had! Your thoughtful and caring team are the best. I am so pleased with the outcome and the ease of the conscious sedation that I am no longer fearful to get the rest of my dental work done. Amazing! My husband will tell you this is a miracle! A million thank you’s. I hope it is OK if I send Valerie a special thank you for taking such attentive care of me. I look forward to seeing you again.”


“When I first came to you five years ago, the years of personal neglect had taken quite a toll on my teeth. We sat down and formed a plan. With your help, my oral health has improved dramatically and I have a fantastic smile again. I want to thank you and your team for the excellent care you’ve provided and the dedication to your profession.”


“Great job! I am very pleased with the work and, like you said, I do not remember a thing that happened during the 6 hour procedure…Wow! My thanks to you and your superb staff for returning a smile to my face. It is a great feeling after being without one for so long.”

Bev R.

Professional at all times with compassion and a true desire to make the patients comfortable at all times!
I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for listening to my concerns as a patient and taking the steps to correct them. I am happy to say after 3 1/2 years of other medical professionals trying to find out why I was having major headaches, I have not had a headache for 3 months. I feel that you have shown genuine concern for my comfort and well-being. I really appreciated you and your staff for being a ‘class act’.”

Sharon B.

“I’d like to say thanks again to you all for the wonderful smile—my first in many years, maybe since high school when I chipped my front tooth. I had a crown on that tooth but it never looked great. The past few years my other teeth were showing their age and making me feel mine.

When I came into your office for my first consultation, my expectations were that we could make some improvements. I never imagined my smile would look as terrific as it does today. You gave me some choices and also with the thought of spending money in a way that might be considered vain or frivolous. There was a chorus of “if it ain’t broke…” in the back of my mind. But with the whole staff’s reassuring professionalism and some cheerleading from my family, I chose a beautiful, healthy looking, natural smile.

How happy am I that I made the decision to go for it? I think my big and frequent smile says it all. Thanks for your care and talents!”

Peter V.

“…Thank you for the dental work yesterday. Given your great work on my teeth over the years it has been some time since I've had any in-depth work from your office. As you and your team went through the paces yesterday to take care of the cavities that needed attention I was once again impressed with the methodical, professional and efficient system you have in your office. In on time, out on time, and really well-taken care of in-between. Teeth feel great today. Excellence in Dentistry indeed.”