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Clover M.

“I was self-conscious about my smile to the extent that when I would laugh or smile I would put my hand in front of my mouth. I am happy to report that is no longer the case thanks to Dr. Johnson, his staff, and my new veneers.

Dr. Johnson’s office went much farther than just improving my smile, however. I have never been to a dentist office where they actually remembered my name and greeted me with it as I walked in the door, where staff members including Dr. Johnson himself, call to ask how I am feeling after each visit and if I am satisfied with the work that has been done. The atmosphere felt so much more personal at Dr. Johnson’s office than I have felt at other dentist offices.

There will be no more hand in front of mouth for me! I am no longer self-conscious about showing my pearly whites thanks to Dr. Johnson and his attentive staff.”

By |March 2nd, 2015|

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Dr. Kirk Johnson
Dr. Kendall Skinner
1000 E O’Malley Rd Ste 101
Anchorage, Alaska 99515
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