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Madelain W.

“My husband Bob has lived with dental phobia for all of his adult life. Typically, he would not be able to sleep the entire night before a dental procedure. He avoided dental cleanings for years at a time. This is no longer the case since Bob started coming to see Dr. Kirk Johnson and his staff. He now routinely has dental cleanings and treatment. Dr. Johnson’s personal care for his patients and concern for their well-being has completely transformed Bob’s perception of dental treatment. Even though Bob encountered medical difficulties, Dr. Johnson and his staff addressed his needs and comfort individually. Dr. Johnson routinely called Bob at home to personally check on this comfort following a dental procedure. He has been able to completely relax the night before dental work. Bob completely trusts Dr. Johnson and his staff that he will be listened to and made comfortable during all of his dental work. I cannot communicate strongly enough through written word the difference this has made in Bob’s life. There is no other dentist that we have visited in the seventeen cities and twenty seven years of marriage we have experienced that has been so successful.

By |March 2nd, 2015|

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Dr. Kirk Johnson
Dr. Kendall Skinner
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Anchorage, Alaska 99515
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