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Sharon B.

“I’d like to say thanks again to you all for the wonderful smile—my first in many years, maybe since high school when I chipped my front tooth. I had a crown on that tooth but it never looked great. The past few years my other teeth were showing their age and making me feel mine.

When I came into your office for my first consultation, my expectations were that we could make some improvements. I never imagined my smile would look as terrific as it does today. You gave me some choices and also with the thought of spending money in a way that might be considered vain or frivolous. There was a chorus of “if it ain’t broke…” in the back of my mind. But with the whole staff’s reassuring professionalism and some cheerleading from my family, I chose a beautiful, healthy looking, natural smile.

How happy am I that I made the decision to go for it? I think my big and frequent smile says it all. Thanks for your care and talents!”

By |March 2nd, 2015|

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Dr. Kirk Johnson
Dr. Kendall Skinner
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