Life Before TMJ Treatment

Life After TMJ Treatment

  • A more positive mood
  • Easy chewing
  • Straight healthy teeth
  • Pain-free face, neck, head, and shoulders
  • Improved sensitivity to hot and cold

TMJ Treatment at Excellence In Dentistry

At Excellence In Dentistry, we are committed to helping you live a pain-free life with a beautiful smile while keeping your comfort a top priority. Many doctors misdiagnose TMJ or don’t know how to properly treat it. As a neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Kendall understands how your teeth and jaw work together to form the perfect bite and how misalignment can have serious repercussions. Using advanced technologies, Dr. Kendall will relax your jaw to find your optimal bite. Based on this, we will create an orthotic (dental appliance) to correct your jaw position. For long-term relief, you and Dr. Kendall will explore options like orthodontics (braces), porcelain veneers, and crowns to rebuild missing teeth and realign your jaw.

Advanced Technology Used in TMJ Treatment

The use of technology helps your Anchorage TMJ dentist relax your jaw and determine your optimal bite. This will be accomplished using a K7 and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). The K7 unit will help Dr. Kendall study the opening and closing of your jaw. In doing so, he can track your jaw movement to find any abnormalities. The TENS unit attaches to your jaw joint using electrodes. These electrodes will send a small electrical current to your skin, diminishing your perception of TMJ pain.

Meet Our Anchorage Dentist

Dr. Kendall Skinner

Dr. Kendall Skinner is an Anchorage-based neuromuscular dentist offering the highest quality care. You can rest assured that with Dr. Kendall in the driver’s seat, you can relieve TMJ pain and achieve your dream smile along the way. Dr. Kendall is one of two GNM neuromuscular dentists in the state of Alaska. He is committed to patient comfort and oral health in conjunction with overall health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TMJ can be caused by chronic clenching or grinding of the teeth, an accident or injury involving your jaw, mouth, or teeth, arthritis, or structural jaw issues from birth.

Your headache may be rooted in TMJ. Not all headaches are caused by TMJ, but if you have morning headaches in conjunction with other symptoms such as worn teeth, jaw pain, and neck and shoulder pain, call Excellence in Dentistry for an appointment with Dr. Kendall.
Minor TMJ pain can go away on its own if it is from a temporary stressor or small injury, but chronic TMJ pain will require a neuromuscular dentist to help alleviate the pain and fix the problem.

Ear pain and ringing are symptoms of TMJ. For temporary relief, try eating soft foods, avoiding chewing gum, and applying moist heat to the area. For long-term, permanent relief, schedule an appointment with TMJ dentist Dr. Kendall by calling (907) 349-0022 or scheduling an appointment online.