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Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

For many, losing a tooth can feel deeply personal. Teeth make up our smile, help us digest food, and even determine the tone of our voice. That’s why humans have been finding ways to replace teeth for thousands of years. Archaeologists in Honduras during the 1930s discovered the skull of a woman born thousands [...]

Dental Bridges Are Not Our #1 Recommended Solution, Here’s What Is

While dental bridges have restored smiles for thousands of Anchorage dental patients, they are not problem free. Many Anchorage people with dental bridges find it impossible to keep the small areas around the bridge clean. This is not surprising because it is hard to get toothbrush bristles or dental floss under the [...]

4 Reasons Why Cost Shouldn’t Keep You from Getting Dental Implants

Dental implants are truly a marvel of modern dentistry. After losing a tooth, you are able to get a new replacement tooth that looks and functions just like the natural teeth. People can enjoy beautiful smiles and enjoy all their favorite foods even though they’ve lost one or more teeth. But unfortunately [...]

Dental Implants: The Low-Maintenance Tooth Replacement

If you have lost one or more teeth, you are probably considering tooth replacement options. {{{{link id='57393' text='Dental implants'}}}} are definitely the best option for many reasons. They look great, allow you to chew as well as with natural teeth, and they can last a lifetime. But we’d like to focus on one major [...]

Getting Ready For A Dental Implant

Every patient deserves a beautiful smile. When getting ready for a dental implant it's important to think about a number of factors. In order to prepare yourself for dental implants here are the top 5 questions patients have. What is a Dental Implant? Simply stated, a dental implant is a permanent post [...]

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